4 Principles

The four principles I lead by are:

1. Listen and acknowledge all perspectives

2. Civic government exists to address practical matters, with vision

3. LOCAL government, above any other, is the guardian of the common good

4. The best government is that which allows everyone to better govern themselves


Caledonia sits on land ideally suited to growth, but also possesses some of the best open land of any Racine-area community. 25,000 people fill our borders while we maintain vast spaces of farm land, parks, rivers, reserves and lakeshore.

Experience in both real estate and time on the Parks and Recreation commission has given me the belief in accomplishing both space and development, without sacrificing either.

Our village must continue to serve the people who moved here and made it successful, drawn by the low taxes, open space and distance from the busy city life. Yet, we must also be accessible to the future of Caledonia – the young, ambitious, family-oriented generation that brings their tax dollars, children and decades of future investment to our community. In order to do this, we must be willing to invest into the infrastructure that can shift the tax burden, while also providing the taxes and services that draw future residents and their families.

I will lead on both – and while I will naturally have a different position on many different policies, my intentions are the same: serve my neighbors the way I would want to be served. Feel free to engage me, and help me understand how you would like this to happen.