No candidate should ever base their civic commitment upon the narrow viewpoint of one group or another. Whether it be transportation issues, development plans, union-negotiations or civil services, people usually fall fairly evenly on both sides of the issues. I am running for the purpose of representing the entire village, and balancing its needs against its wants. I believe there are four principles to sound government at the local level:

  • Listen and acknowledge all perspectives; there is genuine truth on both sides.
  • Civic government exists to address practical matters, but should do so with vision.
  • LOCAL government, above any other, is to be the guardian of the common good.
  • The best “government” is that which allows everyone to do so themselves.

As times change, so do the needs of a community. But the foundation doesn’t need to. I believe that the treasures that made Caledonia a destination for me and so many other families needs to be both protected and leveraged, too.

We have so much potential as a community, and I really want to be a part of it… as a father and a business-owner; as a church-going, park-loving, beach-walking, meat-eating, gun-shooting, baseball-obsessed taxpayer that intends on seeing Caledonia be a place my children would also want to raise their families.

I ask you for your vote, and once elected, I ask that you continue participating on a regular basis, so that the 25,000 self-governing residents of Caledonia can collectively have a government they both respect and approve of. But, most importantly, want to be a part of.



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