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I love history. Every time I have a relationship with a community, I research it’s roots. Growing up in Bay View, WI as a child, I learned all about it’s history as a separate town, and eventually an annexed ward of Milwaukee. I learned about the farming history of Oak Creek when I lived there as well.

When I worked for a brownfields re-developer as a real estate project manager, I learned the rich history of Kaukauna, one of our brownfields project communities. It was one of the first trading posts in North America in the 1500’s, and the first major settlement in Wisconsin.

So, when I bought my own single-family residence and moved to Caledonia in 2008, I followed suit and studied up on it’s history. Rich with French and Bohemian history, it has a unique place between two storied Lake Michigan cities, and it has more historical inspiration than some of our larger suburban neighbors, Oak Creek and Mount Pleasant.



Posted on: October 27, 2016, by : VoteWilling.com