Still Fighting For Caledonia’s Future


This week, I’ve met dozens of new folks as I have continued hitting doors in our community. I started last Fall, and there’s always someone new to meet!

I met Ernesto, who had some feedback on our trash collection services. Said hi to Julie, who felt our highway department was doing a great job everywhere else but her neighborhood. Diane told me she felt her family needed to move in the next few years if an independent school district doesn’t happen in time for her 4th grader.

One of the benefits of hitting the streets is getting feedback like this, so that I know what is important to the residents. Usually, it is a handful of things, and something can be done. But nearly every one of us are too busy to make a stink about what we care about. I get it. But that’s why I am on the board, representing you.

After two terms, I’ve seen many things get done. But some things that are the most important to you have not been completed.  If you want to continue progressing, and don’t want to go back 2005, please vote for me two weeks from now, on April 3rd!

I am continuing to put out yard signs as well, and I need your financial and sign support. Please email me, or call, or visit my Facebook page to keep in touch. Click above to donate through PayPal

Thank you for letting me represent the future of Caledonia. Please give me your vote, and I’ll continue to do it!



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