We have gotten the wheels turning on our village, accomplishing more in the last two years than anyone thought. Let’s keep it going, and allow me to continue serving as your trustee!

2014 saw the approval and start up of the sewer/water extension into the southwestern corner of Caledonia from Mount Pleasant, while saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in avoiding massive utility construction. This issue is one of the primary concerns of any company looking to transplant in our area. It assures continued growth where we have the most space, and shifts the focus of said development away from our large conservation areas. Construction finished up in the fall of 2017. The arrival of foxconn, and it’s many supply-chain partners has brought new challenges, and the future of Caledonia depends on having rational, conscious leadership in the years ahead.

In January of 2015, our village responded to an outcry of over 1,000 residents who signed petitions, made calls and sent emails to our leaders regarding the pursuit of an independent school district. On April 7th, the village approved a referendum question, empowering the village to do what it takes to pursue it’s own district. Knowing it’s importance to hundreds of families in Caledonia, and it’s potential to radically improve the quality of life and development here, I fully support this effort. It is also one of the main concerns of companies looking to relocate to the area, according to RAMAC and the Racine County Economic Development Commission. I will not give up until this is a reality, and the thousands of children who have left the district, or the village entirely will have their own schools to move back to and raise future families.

Local residents have set up a great website with much more information HERE.

Despite a flat levy most years our village managed to pay its bills and still end the year with a surplus. The fourth budget in a row. Our administrator helped our village stay within our means, as the board pursued new and exciting opportunities on the horizon. I look forward to holding the line again in the years to come. Government is meant to serve the people, not to tax them into compliance.

In the last several years, changes in the health care industry caused a local third party private health provider to withdraw from the market of serving communities like ours with public health services. Caledonia is the main village overseeing the public health department of several area communities, and we faced either resolving this pending void, or allowing Racine County to create it’s own new health department, over which we would no longer have control. As a commissioner on the Central Racine Health Board I actively sought the retention of our existing structure, and resisted giving control over such an important service to another government entity. For years, we have run our public health as a lean, effective machine, even lowering costs year over year despite increased demand. As a result, we did maintain our department and most of the other villages in Racine County asked to be a part of this dynamic service – we were able to keep local control of our public health services and control costs.




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