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With nearly 25,000 residents, Caledonia is a recently-incorporated village that shares both dense residential- and spacious farm-land with long spans of untouched riversides and a park system that rivals some larger cities. When in Caledonia, you are never more than 5 minutes from some space to scope a bike trail, play some baseball, go for a walk or even ride a horse.

We have generational businesses that we proudly call our own, and have a healthy reputation for a growing community that still retains some of that old-fashioned dairyland character.

I chose to move, and I continue to raise my son here because the community is safe, relatively quiet, has room to grow, and has many of the little things that make for a great community while not being too far from the big city. Also, the lowest taxes around doesn’t hurt! Riley played in the Caledonia Pee-Wee Baseball league, and attended Olympia Brown Elementary for a while. I’d like him to return to our own local schools as soon as possible, but that’s another matter for later…

I have run a small sales-training and marketing company, then moved into corporate marketing consultation. I currrebtly work as a manager at AT&T. I wrote for the local Caledonia Patch, WisconsinFree and help run a small educational non-profit. My experiences have brought me an understanding for cautious development and civic responsibility.

The more a community grows, the more complex its decisions become. I believe I am qualified to hear and address the needs of a community like my own, and I’ve put it into practice for the last four years I’ve served you. I love Caledonia for all the elements I mentioned and many more. It is for these reasons that I have chosen to run again for Trustee of the Caledonia Village Board in April.



Posted on: December 27, 2013, by : VoteWilling.com