Who Is Ed Willing?


I have been a resident of Caledonia for about 8 years and have served on the Parks Commission since 2012, with Scott Warner as President. I was elected Vice President by the board in mid-2013. I have also served as your Village Trustee in seat four, since April 2014.

I am an active member of local politics, including helping to reform the County GOP party, helping to host liberty-centered rallies and organizing candidate trainings for School Boards, City Councils and other entities.


My main pride and joy has been being a father to my son, born right before moving to eastern Caledonia. We currently live about a mile west of the lake, and enjoy the parks year round and Caledonia baseball. I owned a company in Elm Grove, WI for 5 years, training and maintaining outside sales representatives for various clients. I now work for AT&T as a home solutions manager, and work in sales for it’s Uverse products. In the past, I wrote for the local Caledonia Patch, statewide WisconsinFree and help run a small educational non-profit.

I chose to move, and I continue to raise my son here because the community is safe, relatively quiet, has room to grow, and has many of the little things that make for a great community while not being too far from the big city. Also, the lowest taxes around doesn’t hurt!


Throughout the years, I have worked in real estate development, before the sales industry, including the reclamation of brownfields, for useful purposes. With a strong conservative philosophy, I grew up with a great admiration for leadership and respect for the power of a free people when given the opportunity and the education to run their own community. Fiscally, and philosophically, Caledonia has been ruled with mostly conservative policies, and I hope to continue that. Where I see the opportunity for positive change, I will advocate for that. I strongly support civic involvement and will push for a 21st century approach to village management.


Caledonia has the opportunity to move into the next 50 years with motivation that few others have. We have the space, the people and the vision to become a leader in the area for education, residential growth and commercial responsibility.

I thank you for your vote, and now that I’m elected, I ask that you continue participating on a regular basis, so that the 25,000 self-governing residents of Caledonia can collectively have a government they both respect and approve of. But, most importantly, want to be a part of.